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I seem to be very behind on everything here I’m very sorry real life seems to have got in the way of everything but will try and update as much as possible.

Doctor Who Christmas Special filming picture here

Doctor Who Festival Sydney article and pictures here

 Peter Interview from here

“I like characters who are strange and on the edge. A lot of the people I play are excluded from the mainstream and I think that’s because of the way I look. But who wants to watch an everyman all the time? I’m not that bothered if I never do another scene in a kitchen.”
“It’s ridiculous that we get these old guys with young women draped round them. When I started Doctor Who and we were doing photoshoots we’d be asked if Jenna could just lie down there while I, you know” — he leaps up and acts out a young woman sprawled coquettishly about while he gets to stand and look powerful over her. “I had to say, ‘Look, that’s just not what we’re about. The relationship between my Doctor and his companion is one of deep love. But it’s a strange sort of platonic bond. It becomes clearer and more moving as this particular series goes on.”

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